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Grow your own oysters!

It's Easy Just ask Frank!

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Easier than tending a crab pot!

No Bait required! No scrubbing!

Can I grow oysters at my place?

The best way to tell if you can grow oysters is to look around. If you get sea nettles, blue crabs and barnacles around your dock, oysters will live because the salt level is right for them. If you or your neighbors keep boats tied up at their docks year round you have the right wave energy and water depth. But the very best indicators are oysters. They will tell you. How much maintenance is there? 2 days in a row about once a month between May 1st and Oct 1st. 5 minutes or less the first day, 15-20 minutes the second day is usually all the maintenance required.

How much does it cost to get started? For Maryland Tax Payers.... not much!

It's practically free! Click here to find out how little it will cost and how to buy your own equipment!

How much is the seed? When you buy a Floating Oyster Reef ? from us oyster seed is Free!

Floats come completely assembled. We make it easy for you. There is nothing to assemble. Just take you floats home put them in the water and tie them to your dock!

We will give you simple care instructions on how to grow oysters. After your first season you will know if you like growing oysters and how well they grow at your place. We have lots of repeat customers!

You may want to continue growing oysters as a hobby or look into the commercial side of growing them. Either way we can help you. The tax credit can be repeated and we have a program to train commercial oyster growers so they can become part of our Circle C team. We have a waiting list for oyster floats this spring. So if you want to grow oysters this season, we strongly advise you let us know now. The sooner you purchase your floats the sooner you can come get them. We will start having floats available for pick-up in April. We currently have 2 locations where you can pick up your floats. One in Dameron, Maryland the other in St. Michaels, MD You are welcome to come visit us at our Headquarters location in Dameron to learn more, but Please call ahead. Our number here is 301-872-5126

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