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This space is for sharing favorite oyster recipes. Submission of a recipe will be taken to mean that the recipe is an original recipe or an original modification of a published recipe. If it is made known to us that a recipe is protected by copyright, we will remove the recipe as soon as possible.

Please submit your recipes via e-mail to the the Webmaster with a subject of "Oyster Recipe". Allow a day or two for posting.

Grandma's Oyster Casserole
From the Kitchen of our President's Grandma, so you know its good!
In a deep Casserole dish:
Layer the bottom with shucked oysters (save the liquor!).
Then add a layer of crushed saltines.
Cover the saltine layer with chips of butter (or margarine).
Continue layering in this order until near the top of the casserole.
Pour the oyster liquor over top of the layers.
Then gently pour in heavy cream (or milk) into the casserole until it comes up to near the top.
Bake uncovered at 350 for 45 minutes and serve hot.
Hint: for a little kick, add some Old Bay between each layer.
Submitted by Rich Pelz

Hangtown Fry
Don't know where the name came from, but its a great breakfast lunch or supper!

Take as many oysters as you feel like eating and shuck them out. Put a dollop or two of sour cream in a frying pan and add the oysters. Sautee the oysters over medium heat until the edges start to curl. Throw a few eggs in the pan and scramble them up. Spice it up with hot sauce, old bay or whatever you like! This is a great way to use up left over oysters from the night before! (as if there's ever leftovers)
Submitted by Rich Pelz
Here's what we fed the Governor!

Roast oysters round side down over a hardwood charcoal fire until they pop. Remove the top shell (watch out they're hot!) Baste with a mixture of equal parts margarine, hot sauce and chopped garlic. Wait till they sizzle. Serve warm.

mmmm mmm Good!
Rich Pelz, CEO of Circle C Oyster Ranchers Association Inc., submits the following:
Oysters Italian
Shuck a mess of oysters, I like a lot for this dish.
Reserve the oyster liquor
Start some pasta boiling
Saute the oysters in Italian salad dressing in a large frying pan until edges curl
Remove the oysters and set aside.
Add the oyster liquor to the liquid left in the frying pan
Stir in 1 teaspoon corn starch to thicken sauce
Once thickened remove from heat
Add pasta to pan and gently stir to coat.
Remove quickly and place on serving platter or plate.
Spoon oysters over pasta
Garnish with a freshly shredded hard cheese like Romano
Adjust quantities to guest list; you'll have some
Ricardo, a test pilot at the Naval Station submits the following two recipes.
Ricardo's Famous Half Shelf Oyster
Large group of good friends
Fresh lemons
Cold beer
Large bag of Circle C Oysters
Open raw Oyster and leave on half shell.
Add 3 drops of lemon
Eat it. Serve with beer - well chiled.
Ricardo's Famous Go-to-Heaven Oysters
Circle C Oysters - Pronounced OOOOsters after several beers.
Butter - and lots of it.
Garlic - about 50 cloves
Shuck Circle C Oysters - Discard Shell and keep some nectar.
Melt butter in large skillet.
Add finely choped garlic - 1 to 50 cloves based on personal taste.
Warm but do not brown the butter or the garlic.
Add oysters and a bit of nectar
Cook till edges curl
Serve with Saltines and Cold Beer
Die and go to heaven.

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