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Before reading further, You need to know Four things .
  1. We do not ship equipment. left arrow
  2. The Tax Credit is just for Maryland Income Tax. left arrow
  3. We only deliver in our local area. left arrow
  4. We accept credit cards



Reef TM

Floating Oyster Reef TM
Floating Oyster Reef tm
Price: $ 235.85

Price: $ 635.84

We give you 600 baby oysters free with each Floating Oyster Reef? !

Maryland residents add 6% sales tax.

Taylor Float
Taylor Float

Price: $ 249.95

Large oysters sold seperately.
(call for prices)

Maryland residents add
6% sales tax.

Our equipment is hand made at our HQ Ranch and checked for workmanship and defects before each sale.

Maryland Taxpayers
Take Advantage of your $500 tax credit! Just purchase some of our new oyster aquaculture equipment ! !

Care instructions and free seed oysters are included with the purchase of each Floating Oyster Reef?
This type of oyster aquaculture equipment has been used around the Chesapeake Bay for close to 40 Years. We suggest you use a Taylor Float for holding larger oysters and growing oysters for scientific experiements when easy access to the oysters is important. The lid is light weight and can be opened from either end.

The Tax credit law Passed in 2002

Information on the tax credit. (PDF 890K)

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